Pregnancy and breastfeeding can have significant physical ramifications on a woman’s body, yet a mommy makeover can restore its youthful look.

Mommy makeovers are a combination of surgical and non-invasive procedures designed to address common pregnancy- and motherhood-related effects, such as tightening stretched abdominal muscles, restoring lost breast volume/firmness and reducing post-pregnancy fat deposits.

Breast Augmentation

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can take their toll on a woman’s body, leaving stretch marks, loose abdominal skin and deflated breasts standing in the way of attaining an hourglass figure. Cosmetic surgery offers a solution in the form of mommy makeover procedures designed to restore her pre-baby figure; most often consisting of breast augmentation, tummy tuck and liposuction treatments but other therapies may also be incorporated depending on individual patients in Louisville.

Breast augmentation is often included in mommy makeovers to enhance balance and shape. Following pregnancy and breastfeeding, breasts tend to lose their voluptuousness – an augmentation can restore it by using either saline or silicone gel implants in different shapes and sizes for increasing size of the chest area.

Mommy makeovers often incorporate tummy tucks as part of their treatments to eliminate excess, loose abdominal skin and lessen stretch marks. Liposuction may also be performed to target any stubborn pockets of fat left after weight has been shed, while breast lifts may help correct sagging breasts to create better balance with other body parts.

Consolidating multiple cosmetic surgeries into one treatment can save both time and money. Receiving all treatments on the same day also allows for quicker return home, making this less disruptive to your busy schedule.

Before your mommy makeover procedure, you will meet with a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss cosmetic concerns and create a treatment plan. During this consultation, it’s an opportunity to openly express goals and expectations of what can be expected during surgery. Once your treatment plan has been approved, surgery will take place at an accredited surgical facility where you will receive general anesthesia to put you into an comfortable sleep state as the surgeon performs surgery on you.

Tummy Tuck

Pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding can have an incredible impact on one’s body. Following childbirth it is not unusual for women to undergo breast augmentation, tummy tuck and buttock augmentation surgeries to restore toned and flatter abdomens, breasts and buttocks while improving vaginal area appearances. A mommy makeover provides the ideal solution to address multiple cosmetic issues in one session for more youthful-looking results.

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), also known as abdominectomy, is an integral component of any mommy makeover as it removes excess skin from the stomach and tightens muscles in order to achieve a slimmer and toned look. Tummy tucking also improves stretch marks or protruding bellies that might otherwise prove resistant to diet and exercise alone.

Tummy tucks offer more than just skin removal; they also include breast lift and implant procedures to restore natural shape to breasts that have sagged after pregnancy or breastfeeding, which often leave them looking flat and unnatural. A breast lift can restore their original form by lifting their nipple and returning them closer to their original volume and location; implants provide fullness if desired – particularly in upper portions where most women experience volume loss due to pregnancy and breastfeeding.

If you qualify as a candidate for a mommy makeover, your surgeon will assist in choosing which procedures best meet your goals and expectations. This procedure is an excellent solution for healthy women who are at or close to their target weight with no plans of expanding their family in the near future.

Mommy makeovers combine multiple procedures into one surgical session, making recovery from anesthesia shorter and costing less. Plus, there’s no need to schedule multiple appointments to complete surgery! For more information about this treatment option, set up an appointment with a plastic surgeon now.


Women who become mothers may often put others first and their own bodies last, making it easy for themselves to take second place in terms of caretaking. While this selflessness is invaluable, it can come at the cost of their own body satisfaction; mothers may become dissatisfied with how their bodies look after pregnancy and motherhood if diet and exercise have failed to restore them back to pre-pregnancy shapes. A mommy makeover may help women reclaim this lost confidence through multiple cosmetic procedures combined into one comprehensive solution.

Mommy makeover procedures usually consist of breast surgery, tummy tucking, liposuction and other treatments as needed. A facelift may also be included to address signs of aging. Each mommy makeover procedure is tailored specifically to each patient based on their unique goals; for instance tummy tucking works to remove extra skin that accumulated during pregnancy while simultaneously tightening abdominal muscles; liposuction removes stubborn pockets of fat that have persisted despite diet and exercise regimes;

Breast lifts are another integral component of a mommy makeover, helping restore original appearance and fullness to breasts after dropping pregnancy weight. A facelift may also be included to restore youthful looks of necks and jawlines stretched by childbirth.

Some mommy makeovers also incorporate a Brazilian butt lift, which restores firm and symmetrical derriere after pregnancy and breastfeeding have altered it. While BBL may be performed alone, its effects will typically be enhanced when combined with other treatments to achieve maximum body contouring results. To maximize results in mommy makeover cases, however, only surgeons with ample experience performing BBL should include it as one of their treatments. Save yourself long-term health and safety costs by following your surgeon’s post-surgery instructions precisely, to keep recovery on schedule and achieve the best outcome from a mommy makeover surgery. This will prevent complications and help ensure the optimal result from your mommy makeover procedure.

Breast Lift

Pregnancy can leave many women dissatisfied with their bodies. Even the healthiest mothers often struggle to reverse all of the changes associated with gestation through diet and exercise alone; often excess skin and sagging breast tissue remain major obstacles in regaining their pre-baby shape.

A mommy makeover can help restore your body’s appearance through surgical procedures combined to address specific areas. A combination of liposuction, tummy tuck and breast lift may be utilized for optimal results resulting in a more toned and contoured figure. Furthermore, these procedures can usually be completed all at once rather than having multiple surgeries performed over months or years – saving both time and money!

At your initial consultation, your plastic surgeon can help you decide on which procedures will meet your goals best and estimate recovery times for them. Breast augmentation often takes only days to heal from, while recovering from both procedures could take as much as 14 days – keeping in mind future pregnancies or weight gain could void the results of your mommy makeover surgery! It is wiser to only undergo it once.

After pregnancy and breastfeeding, breasts can often become very droopy, making it hard to wear flattering tops. A breast augmentation or lift can help restore lost cleavage while increasing self-esteem and giving you back that flattering silhouette you once had before pregnancy.

Breast implants come in either saline or silicone forms, giving you the flexibility of selecting round, teardrop, pear-shaped and even linear designs to suit your unique anatomy. You also have a range of sizes available that best meet your preferences and fit into your body type.

A breast lift can also provide relief to drooping breasts by removing extra skin to tighten loose muscles and tissues around the areolae and nipple area. In some instances, your surgeon may reposition or reduce size of nipples and areolae as necessary to meet your desired look – creating fuller bust that better matches with body type.

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