Under this technique, two implants are placed vertically while the remaining two are angled to fully utilize existing alveolar bone and avoid complications like nerve transposition and grafting, leading to superior phonetic and aesthetic results (31). It has proven highly successful among its patient base (31).

Patients must follow standard protocols for post-surgery oral care, including using mouthwash and attending follow-up appointments.

Improved Comfort

Dental patients benefit greatly from all on four dentures over traditional dentures due to the secure fastening system that securely fastens them – eliminating the need for glues or other adhesive products.

The All on 4 system helps prevent bone loss by implanting implants into the jaw bone where they act similarly to natural tooth roots in stimulating and protecting bone from further degradation. This stimulates growth while simultaneously slowing its decline.

Patients can also experience improved eating and speaking abilities with all-on-four dental implants, since these do not cover the soft palate like conventional dentures do. This increases flavorful food choices while making it easier to communicate clearly.

Furthermore, patients can maintain regular oral hygiene practices – an integral component of good general health – such as brushing, flossing and using a water pik as well as attending dental checkups regularly. With proper care all on fours can last the rest of a person’s life.


All-on four implants provide additional advantages by improving facial aesthetics by returning fullness to cheeks and lips, creating a natural look for your smile, increasing confidence levels and leading to longer lives.

Choose a dentist with expertise in all on four treatment to achieve the best outcomes. An inexperienced dentist could lead to implant breaks and poor aesthetics that affect your quality of life negatively. Look for one who has completed several All on four treatments with long-term follow up, as well as asking to see examples of their work.

All on Four(r) is a full arch replacement solution that utilizes dental implants for maximum stability and success rate, consisting of four permanent bridges held in place by just four strategically-placed implants that replace your natural upper or lower teeth, replacing them seamlessly from soft tissue to hard bone.

Improved Function

All-on-four implants offer an alternative to traditional dentures that may lead to numerous oral health issues: They do not rest directly on your gums and therefore eliminate sores, discomfort and slippage that hinder mastication.

Implants provide a more stable base for eating and speaking, helping restore normal function. Patients with all-on-four implants also report having greater confidence when eating a wider variety of food items.

The All-on-Four treatment concept offers a reliable approach for managing an atrophic jaw, without resorting to costly regenerative procedures that increase morbidity and costs. Utilizing an open window technique, this treatment concept uses open window density measurement as well as avoidance of countersink in cortical bone for adequate implant placement (14).

Full-arch fixed implant bridges also help reshape facial profiles and return volume to cheeks and lips, eliminating a sunken-in look caused by tooth loss. This can give your face a more youthful appearance while improving self-esteem; however, all-on-four cannot replace natural teeth, and therefore you must maintain good oral hygiene in order to avoid complications.


All on four is an innovative technique in which an entire arch of teeth is supported by four dental implants. It’s often recommended for patients needing multiple missing or severely damaged teeth replaced quickly and permanently; unlike traditional dentures, All on four implants offer fixed support that won’t move around over time.

Cost-cutting measures for All on four implants may seem high at first, but there are ways to bring down their expense. Most dental insurance plans cover some or all of this treatment. Furthermore, we provide flexible financing solutions.

Finalize, it is crucial to keep in mind that implants require proper oral hygiene in order to avoid complications like peri-implantitis. Brushing, flossing and using a water pik regularly will extend the lifespan of your All on four implant for as long as you live. If you want a permanent solution for missing teeth contact us now to arrange a consultation – our knowledgeable staff can answer all of your questions while outlining an easy-to-understand treatment plan that’s right for you.

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