Allurion Balloon (formerly Elipse Balloon) is an implantable soft gastric balloon designed to fill empty space in your stomach without surgery or endoscopy. Installation typically takes 15 minutes.

Some individuals experience nausea and discomfort after balloon placement, which can be managed with medication. Bad-smelling belching or burping may occur; this should subside within 24-48 hours.

Non-surgical weight loss device

The Allurion Balloon (formerly Elipse Balloon) is the world’s first soft gastric balloon that can be swallowed, placed, and removed without surgery, endoscopy, or anesthesia. Inserted through your mouth it fills up quickly with saline to take up space in the stomach while making you feel full after smaller meals.

After 16 weeks, your balloon should deflate and pass naturally through your digestive system*, thanks to its built-in release valve that opens to allow passage. In rare instances it could even be vomited up; although this should not be considered dangerous.

Exercise safely while wearing an Allurion balloon, but it’s essential that you consult with both your physician and personal trainer in creating an exercise plan tailored specifically for you. Starting out slowly by starting with low-impact exercises and gradually increasing intensity over time is best. Plus, we offer dedicated nutritional support as well as access to Allurion Connected Scales, Health Tracker and Apps so that you stay on track throughout your journey!

Takes up about 30% of the stomach

The Allurion balloon (formerly Elipse balloon) is an innovative weight loss solution that can be installed into your stomach in under 20 minutes during an outpatient visit, without endoscopy or sedation. It consists of a vegan capsule containing a deflated balloon connected by thin catheter and filled with 550mL of liquid before its placement is confirmed through quick X-raying and then its catheter removed.

By following this procedure, you will begin on a liquid diet for six hours before transitioning to soft foods. Stay hydrated throughout the day by sipping water during each meal and eating slowly.

Studies demonstrate that when used together, Allurion Balloon combined with our 6-month supportive lifestyle change programme yields greater results than calorie controlled or restricted diet alone. Rapid initial weight loss provides motivation and support for sticking with healthier behavior changes for longer.

Helps you feel full more quickly

The Allurion balloon occupies space in your stomach and facilitates smaller meals to help make you feel full quickly, helping you adhere to a calorie controlled diet more effectively, as well as avoid hunger attacks that could otherwise result in failed dieting efforts.

Studies demonstrate that patients utilizing Allurion programs successfully reduce weight and achieve healthy body mass indexes (BMI), as well as reduced comorbidities like high blood pressure and triglycerides.

Traditional gastric balloons require general anaesthesia for placement, which can increase risk and discomfort in certain patients. By contrast, Allurion Elipse does not necessitate any anaesthesia and therefore provides increased safety and comfort to users.

The Allurion balloon can be placed inside your stomach via a quick, non-invasive procedure. Simply swallowing a capsule attached with thin catheter is enough to ensure its placement into your stomach, followed by an X-ray confirmation that all is in order. When fully filled with 550ml of liquid it will then be removed after 16 weeks from use.

Helps you eat less food

Allurion patients receive virtual care technologies such as connected scales and health trackers to stay motivated and make lifestyle adjustments that lead to weight loss – this may include working with dietitians on creating healthy meal plans to control hunger while providing the support you need for success. Nausea or vomiting may arise within days, but these symptoms can usually be controlled with anti-sickness medication and chewing well when eating food.

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