Wrinkled foreheads are an inevitable consequence of growing older. By visiting a licensed Botox injector for regular treatments, these wrinkles can be reduced and kept from returning with regular Botox treatments.

Dr. sibel employs a natural-appearing approach to soften the lines on his patients’ foreheads and between their brows (glabella), so they can still express themselves freely without looking frozen or “frozen”.

1. Before

Over time, forehead wrinkles form due to repeated facial expressions. Over time, they may become very prominent and resistant to topical creams and other anti-age treatments.

Botox works by temporarily blocking chemical signals from nerves that trigger muscles to contract and is one of the most popular and effective solutions for smoothing forehead lines.

An expert injector should be able to assess your facial anatomy and administer just the right amount of Botox in forehead for maximum effect. Over-injecting can result in frozen or overdone results; for optimal results it’s essential that you choose an experienced professional in these matters.

2. After

Botulinum toxin relaxes muscle contractions that cause wrinkles, creating smoother, younger skin. Finding an experienced Botox injector who understands facial anatomy and muscle movement will ensure results will look natural versus “frozen”.

Botox injections to the forehead often produce bruises that should dissipate quickly after several days have passed. Droopy eyebrows may also occur temporarily but usually subside over time.

Once the effects of Botox begin to wear off, you will require follow-up appointments every 4-6 months for touch up treatment.

3. Before

As part of the injection process, you may be asked to remain upright to reduce bruising risks. Furthermore, two weeks prior to your appointment it would be a good idea to abstain from aspirin, ibuprofen, Excedrin or high doses of Vitamin E consumption.

Botox injectors should always be licensed and trained; prices can differ widely between providers; low prices could indicate they’re buying product from an untrustworthy source that could result in dilute or counterfeit products being provided to patients.

Once after your appointment, it is recommended to refrain from massaging or rubbing the area to reduce risk of Botox migration into areas it doesn’t belong. Furthermore, you will likely be instructed not to engage in strenuous exercise for at least three or four hours afterward as this could increase blood flow to your facial region and move the Botox around.

4. After

Botox injections to the forehead are generally safe cosmetic treatments with a low rate of complications when administered by experienced practitioners, but may have side effects in rare instances where muscle movement becomes permanently reduced.

Occasional mild swelling and bruising following forehead Botox injections is typical, though should subside within days or so. OTC pain relievers should usually provide enough relief.

Avoid massaging the forehead after treatment as this may disperse the toxin. Furthermore, facial exercises involving squinting or raising eyebrows should also be avoided to allow more rapidly settle into muscles more rapidly for lasting results. Also important: keeping skin well hydrated as this promotes healing around injection sites faster.

5. Before

This client had deep wrinkles on her forehead and between her brows that had reduced facial expressions and movement, yet retained deep wrinkles on the forehead. We used botox injections to relax muscles responsible for her creases – she loved the results!

An injection of botox for forehead is fast and painless. We apply numbing cream prior to begin to ensure minimal discomfort; most clients report feeling only slight pinching sensation.

Licensed injectors will assess your skin type and severity of wrinkles in your forehead to determine the appropriate number of units of Botox you will require for maximum results and long-term use. They can ensure maximum efficacy.

6. After

Rachelle had been using every anti-aging cream available to her to combat forehead wrinkles – but knew it was time to experiment!

Botox blocks the chemical signals sent from nerves to muscles, which cause them to contract. Plus, it’s completely safe for your skin!

Botox injections administered by licensed injectors are extremely safe and won’t leave your face expressionless or frozen. Furthermore, injections are quick and painless.

An effective med spa will take the time to discuss your goals and determine how many forehead Botox units will be necessary to achieve the results that you desire. Experienced practitioners will also arrange a follow up appointment so they can monitor results and add extra units if necessary.

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