If you’ve had breast augmentation and planning a family or are already pregnant, questions about the safety of breastfeeding naturally arise. To allay concerns: Yes, breastfeeding after receiving breast implants, be they saline or silicone, is entirely safe for both mother and baby. In this article we will dive deeper into the details and explain when after breast augmentation you can start to breastfeed your baby.


How can I breastfeed with breast implants?

The implants are typically placed behind the milk glands and ducts, which means they usually don’t interfere with breastfeeding.
The silicone used in contemporary implants is very unlikely to contaminate the milk, and if a saline implant were to rupture, it would be immediately noticeable.
While breastfeeding post-augmentation is generally safe, the method of implant placement may impact milk supply. The implants can either be placed submuscularly, underneath the pectoral muscle, or subglandularly, underneath the breast tissue but above the muscle. Both approaches avoid disturbing the milk ducts, preserving milk supply and successful nursing.
However, the positioning of the augmentation incision is crucial. Incisions made along the inframammary fold, where the breast meets the chest, usually don’t impact areas of the breast involved in breast feeding. But if the incision is made through the areola, it can disrupt nerves and ducts, potentially blocking the letdown reflex necessary for releasing breast milk.

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How do implants look after breast feeding?

Many women also wonder how breastfeeding after breast augmentation affects the aesthetic of their breast implants. A clinical study found no measurable differences or sagging in women with implants who breastfed compared to those who didn’t. However, every woman’s body reacts differently to pregnancy and breastfeeding, and some changes to the appearance of the breasts post-childbirth can occur.


How long after breast implants can I breastfeed?

Most women with implants can breastfeed after breast augmentation, without issues, but should complications arise, lactation consultants can provide invaluable support.
Women after pregnancy are advised to wait a sufficient amount of time post-augmentation to ensure complete healing before considering breastfeeding.
As after all operations it is recommended to wait at least one year, to let the operated area fully recover and heal. In general it is possible to get pregnant minimum six months after breast augmentation, as the body will take around 8-9 months more before starting to produce milk and around 40 weeks before starting breast feeding.

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Breastfeeding after breast augmentation is not only safe but is also usually unaffected by the procedure. However, future mothers should consider implant placement and incision locations, and seek expert advice if any breastfeeding issues occur. Regular check-ups can help ensure that the implants remain unharmed during breastfeeding, allowing for the safe nourishment of the baby.

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