Your masseter muscles that run down each side of your face may enlarge over time from involuntary clenching (bruxism). Botox injections will reduce their size, creating a slimmer appearance in your facial features.

Botox may be most frequently associated with wrinkle smoothing injections, but it can also be used to reshape the face in other ways. Masseter reduction can help slim the face down and create a more defined jawline.

How It Works

Botox injections for face slimming are a safe and effective solution to help slim the jawline and achieve a more feminine facial structure. Botox works to relax masseter muscles which have become overextended due to clenching or grinding teeth during sleep (bruxism). Botox reduces muscle movement to help the jaw relax and shrink in size while remaining unaffected by voluntary movements like chewing or facial expressions.

Procedure is quick and painless; topical numbing cream may be applied prior to injections to minimize discomfort. Once injection sites have been marked out by an injector, botox injections will be given using a fine-toothed syringe syringe; treatment typically starts working within one week with follow up appointments recommended every 4-6 months for maintenance purposes.

Many people mistakenly assume their face shape is determined by how much they weigh; however, this isn’t always the case; genetics play a vital role in how your face looks even if you are the thinnest person around.

Side Effects

Face slimming botox injections are quick and noninvasive procedures. There may be some bruising and swelling at the injection sites; however, this typically dissipates within 24 hours. You should avoid massaging or massaging near an injection site to keep botulinum toxin from spreading to unintended areas.

Many individuals seeking to achieve a slimmer face and jawline find it challenging to do so solely through diet or exercise alone. A fuller-looking facial structure may have more to do with genetics or the way in which facial muscles have developed over time than it does with your weight alone.

Botox treatments may help to decrease the size of masseter muscles by relaxing them. When muscles relax, they don’t clench as tightly, making the masseter smaller and resulting in a slimmer lower face. Unfortunately, however, Botox results aren’t permanent; eventually the muscle will return to its original condition, necessitating follow up treatments every six months for maximum effectiveness.


Face slimming Botox works well for those with wide jawlines who desire a more slender facial contour and V-shape, such as V-shapeing their facial structure or overdeveloped masseter muscles who experience pain associated with teeth grinding (bruxism). It has also proven useful among people experiencing masseter muscle issues that cause discomfort such as teeth grinding (bruxism).

Botulinum toxin type A injections contain neurotoxins to induce muscle relaxation and decrease tone without impacting voluntary movements such as chewing or smiling. They work by blocking nerve signals to muscles, leading them to relax and shrink naturally resulting in slimmer lower faces with V-shaped jawlines without hindering voluntary functions such as chewing or smiling.

After receiving Botox treatments for face slimming, patients typically can see results within 7-14 days. While results will only last temporarily, touch up treatments every 3-6 months may help ensure maximum benefit and minimize any “frozen” appearance commonly associated with overdone Botox procedures. When considering jawline slimming treatments such as Botox injections to slim your jawline, make sure your injector has extensive experience so as to develop a plan tailored specifically to you and avoid potential risks such as frozen facial expressions caused by overdoing and overdone Botox procedures. When considering jawline slimming treatments it’s wise to consult an injector who knows their craft so as to receive optimal results and avoid overdone Botox treatments!


Botox injections may be best known for smoothing away wrinkles, but its many other applications extend well beyond cosmetic care. Botox can also help shape and slim the face and jawline for an appealing contour; its results must be maintained through regular treatments to maintain these attractive contours. The effects are temporary but must be kept up over time in order to be effective.

At times, having a square-looking jawline may be distracting or unattractive for women patients, particularly female patients. Although male patients may prefer this facial structure, women typically seek more feminine shapes for their lower facial structure. Botox can help achieve this result by selectively weakening and shrinking the masseter muscle (a chewing muscle) for an appealing slimming effect in face and jawline structure.

Treatment is fast, non-invasive, and safe with our specialists marking injection sites before applying a numbing cream to reduce patient discomfort. Injections themselves are painless; and patients can immediately return to their daily activities following their appointment – results usually last 3+ months.

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