Facelift surgery is an aesthetic procedure designed to minimize wrinkles and saggy skin. Many opt for this process in Turkey due to its world-class medical facilities, skilled surgeons, and affordable prices.

Turkey boasts some of the finest facelift surgeons who are experienced and have undergone advanced surgical training, performing numerous facelift procedures over their careers. Furthermore, these surgeons frequently give domestic and international lectures about their work while being members of various national/international associations.


Facelift surgery is an increasingly popular aesthetic treatment to address wrinkles and sagging skin on the face. Additionally, this procedure tightens underlying facial muscles and repositions fat pads – however, when selecting your surgeon it’s essential that they possess experience and an impeccable reputation; research potential surgeons by reviewing their background, education and patient reviews for insight. Your choice will have a tremendous effect on the final results!

Turkey has quickly become one of the leading cosmetic surgery destinations thanks to its cost-effective prices and world-class medical facilities. Turkey offers access to experienced plastic surgeons who provide cost-effective procedures that improve one’s appearance while increasing self-esteem. When considering cosmetic surgery procedures in Turkey it is important that your surgeon takes time to learn your goals before proceeding with any operations.

Under general anesthesia, surgical procedures typically last about two hours. Following surgery, some patients may experience tightness and numbness post-op; this sensation is caused by swelling and will gradually diminish over time as healing takes place. To speed up this process, any activities which put pressure on facial and neck tissues must be avoided for several days so as to allow tissues time to mend.

Your surgeon will make incisions in various areas depending on the type of facelift you select; classical facelift is by far the most popular, involving lifting skin in midface and cheek areas. Endoscopic facelift is another viable solution, using tiny surgical cams to lift skin from beneath it. Smoking should also be discontinued prior to surgery as this will slow the healing process; additionally, any medications containing aspirin must be discontinued to prevent blood clots. Once the surgery is completed, you will notice a dramatic improvement in how young and healthy your face appears. Furthermore, results of the procedure can last up to 10 years with proper skin care practices and avoidance of stress-inducing activities – so choosing a reputable clinic and asking their physician about their longevity guarantee are of utmost importance.


Turkey boasts some of the top facelift clinics with years of experience, featuring advanced equipment that adheres to international quality standards, safe recovery environments for patients and breathtaking coastlines for rejuvenating facial transformation.

Facelift results typically last several years depending on the surgical technique used and patient age. Modern facelift techniques use the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) layer to tighten and reposition skin and muscles of the neck and face, creating natural-looking results. Furthermore, some patients may choose additional cosmetic procedures to enhance and extend the effects of their facelift procedure.

During a facelift procedure, incisions will be made at both temples and hairlines as well as behind ears. Once an incision has been made, excess skin and muscles will be repositioned according to each patient’s individual needs, before having them sutured closed afterwards. Patients can expect some bruising and swelling during recovery time as well as tight, dry skin for several days following surgery.

Some patients opt for both facelift and brow lift procedures to address wrinkles on the forehead, making them appear more alert and youthful. Results of this medical procedure can last for 10 years.

When choosing a facelift doctor, it is essential to carefully assess his or her experience, education and reputation. Ask friends and family members for referrals; also read online reviews and testimonials before making your choice.

Facelift procedures in Turkey can restore the youthful look of your skin and boost confidence levels, making this an excellent option for anyone who wants to look younger and more appealing. Safe and effective procedures exist both for men and women undergoing the procedure; it’s just important that qualified surgeons be consulted beforehand.


Facelift surgery aims to restore youthful features by tightening and smoothing wrinkled skin and tightening any loose parts in the neck or jawline, as well as by tightening and smoothing wrinkles in tightening and smoothing wrinkled skin. However, this surgery should not be seen as a replacement for brow lift or eyelid surgery or to remove fat deposits in any particular areas. Surgeons may use fat grafting during surgery in order to add volume back into areas which have lost volume through ageing; additionally drains may be placed under skin in order to prevent fluid build-up during recovery.

Face and neck lifts are popular procedures among medical tourists, with Turkey as a leading destination. Turkey boasts world-class clinics and skilled plastic surgeons at affordable costs for these procedures, making Turkey an attractive option. Furthermore, patients can enjoy luxurious vacation accommodations while reaping the benefits of facelift surgery.

When selecting a surgeon in Turkey for your facelift procedure, make sure that he or she has an excellent reputation and considerable experience. One way of establishing this is through referrals from previous patients. Also look for clinics offering all-inclusive packages as this will save time and money in travel expenses while guaranteeing that everything runs smoothly during surgery.

Before beginning any procedure, your doctor will carefully assess your skin condition to ascertain whether you are suitable. They will go over all the risks and benefits involved with each option and advise which is the most suitable for you. Please bring a complete medical history report as well as photographs of both your face and neck along with blood test results to the consultation appointment.

Surgery will be performed at either a hospital or clinic in Turkey, with incisions made near your hairline and ears that will be hidden by your hair. After the procedure, sutures or skin adhesives will be used to close them off; drains may also be placed beneath your skin to reduce swelling and bruising.

Turkey boasts world-class facilities and experienced plastic surgeons, in addition to offering an international airport for convenient travel. Furthermore, major cities like Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir feature clinics designed with strict safety standards in mind when catering for health tourism patients – these clinics also offer affordable packages including accommodation, transport and language assistance services for your convenience.


Facelift surgery can be an excellent cosmetic solution for individuals seeking to address wrinkles, sagging skin or other signs of aging on the face. During this procedure, excess fat is removed while muscles tightened for a more youthful look that can last up to ten years with proper research done before selecting a surgeon and surgeon with experience to guarantee optimal results.

Cost of facelift surgery in Turkey varies based on several factors, including surgeon experience, type of procedure performed and hospital or clinic in which surgery takes place. Most procedures take between 3-6 hours under local or general anesthesia with typical costs between $3,000-$7000 for most procedures.

Turkey boasts one of the lowest costs associated with facelifting procedures worldwide, which can be attributed to lower labor and operational expenses as well as access to an experienced medical team with global experience. Furthermore, many cosmetic clinics provide discounts for repeat customers as well as flexible payment plans.

For more information on the cost of facelift in Turkey, it’s a good idea to speak to an established plastic surgeon in your area. They can conduct a full evaluation and answer any queries about the procedure; in most instances they’ll perform multiple treatments, including neck lift or eyelid (blepharoplasty).

Following surgery, patients must adhere to a post-treatment regimen in order to minimize complications and promote healing. Their physician may prescribe anti-inflammatory or antibiotic drugs to assist with swelling and pain relief; in addition, alcohol consumption must be minimized along with taking aspirin or similar anticoagulants during their recovery timeframe.

Facelift surgery may also include other cosmetic treatments, including neck lift, blepharoplasty or liposuction. These procedures can help rejuvenate the entire facial appearance; patients may opt for non-invasive techniques like injectables or laser skin rejuvenation to further augment their results from facelifting.

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