Skinny BBL is an effective solution for thin or petite patients seeking a rounder backside without synthetic implants. This procedure combines fat transfer with liposuction to permanently create more curvier shapes in their lower half.

Liposuction allows surgeons to collect fat from the abdomen or thighs for later transfer onto buttocks and hip dips.

What is the procedure?

A skinny butt lift (bbl) is a surgical procedure to improve both the size and shape of your buttocks. Your surgeon extracts fat from other areas of the body and transfers it directly onto your buttocks, producing an hourglass figure with natural-looking muscles and athleticism. Similar to traditional Brazilian butt lift surgery, but tailored specifically towards leaner patients who possess lower amounts of body fat.

When conducting the procedure, anesthesia will be administered to prevent discomfort and pain. After it takes effect, surgeons make small incisions to extract fat from specific areas of your body; then this extracted fat is processed, purified and injected back into buttocks in order to sculpt and shape them further.

Fat injections are strategically administered to create an even, balanced appearance. You’ll notice immediate results that last as long as desired.

Liposuction is typically safe for most patients, though there may be certain restrictions you must abide by after having undergone it. Your doctor may suggest taking one week off work and restricting movement in order to minimize swelling and bruising. You should have someone help with activities like driving or errands in order to return faster to normality; furthermore you may require compression garments or pillows tailored specifically to the area in which liposuction was performed.

What are the benefits?

But unlike butt implants, which may produce unnatural-looking results, the skinny bbl procedure utilizes your body fat to naturally enhance the shape of your buttocks. This procedure provides a natural feel, making it suitable for petite patients looking to add slight curves to their buttocks.

The Skinny BBL employs VASER high-definition liposuction to collect enough fatty tissue for injection into your buttocks for shaping and adding volume. Fat will be extracted from various areas such as arms, abdomen, hips and thighs before purified and used to sculpt and add volume.

Handled by an experienced plastic surgeon, the skinny bbl can transform your shape by defining the contours of your buttocks, increasing projection, and improving shape. Additionally, this procedure may help bridge any gaps between waist and buttocks as well as correct any flattening or unevenness that exists in them.

Though results will differ for each patient, most will notice a noticeable enhancement to their buttock shape and size after having fat transferred. Results should last if you maintain stable body weight while also refraining from activities which decrease circulation to the area such as smoking or restricting blood flow through other means; your surgeon can advise you how best to care for your buttocks so as to maximize long-term effects from fat transfer procedures.

Who is a good candidate?

If your body mass index (BMI) falls between 25 and 30, and you’re female, skinny bbl surgery might be right for you. With this cosmetic surgical procedure, surgeons remove small amounts of fat from different areas – usually the abdomen or thighs – then inject it directly into the buttocks, giving your buttocks a curvier appearance and increasing them in size.

Skinnier versions of Brazilian butt lift procedures have become increasingly popular among women who wish to achieve more defined and larger rear without using butt implants. Furthermore, this option may be appealing for patients without enough excess fat to qualify as candidates for traditional liposuction procedures and traditional butt lift procedures.

For an effective buttlift, individuals with a BMI of 23 or above must possess sufficient fat deposits on their buttocks for proper lifting to occur. Thin individuals often don’t possess enough to add a noticeable enhancement.

Thanks to advancements in injection techniques and better understanding of how fat cells behave within the body, even lean individuals are now eligible to undergo a skinny butt lift procedure.

How much fat do I need?

Fuller boots are desirable for most women, but those without enough fat to undergo traditional BBL may prefer an alternative technique known as skinny BBL instead. This less-invasive procedure uses awake liposculpting and fat transfer with tiny cannulas to extract unwanted areas of fat before injecting it back into buttocks for an enhanced projection, lift, and curvier look.

Skinny BBL is typically performed on patients with low BMI who want to contour their hips and thighs while adding some curves. These patients tend to be ectomorphs who struggle to gain weight due to lean muscle mass. Historically these individuals would be rejected from BBL procedures as there wasn’t enough fat from multiple sites to harvest for effective results; however, with modern liposculpture techniques like fat transfer now making this procedure possible for these individuals.

Under skinny bbl, fat is removed from several locations around the body such as stomach, hips and thighs before being transferred to buttocks and used to add volume. Patients with lower BMI typically require more fat harvesting so the procedure takes longer and garments need to be worn for several weeks; however, results typically last long-term. To find out if skinny bbl is right for you in San Francisco schedule an initial consultation at our clinic today.

How long will the procedure take?

Skinny butt lift (Skinny BBL) procedures are similar to traditional buttlift procedures, except their target audience may differ significantly.

Liposuction begins with administering anesthesia to allow doctors to create microincisions for liposuction. Depending on your patient, this could involve multiple areas including arms, abdomen, back, chin and legs until enough fat has been harvested from multiple zones across your body. Once harvested, it is purified using centrifuge machines before being placed back into buttocks in specific quantities to sculpt and enhance them.

This process tends to be less invasive than traditional BBL and has a shorter recovery period; however, patients must still follow instructions given by their surgeon post-surgery in order to avoid complications and infection.

Skinny BBL procedures can help add volume to the outer buttocks to create the appearance of more “J-Lo” shapes that many clients desire, typically when combined with traditional butt lift surgery. Other solutions may include biostimulatory Sculptra injections or silicone buttock implants; these solutions, however, may be temporary solutions with potential costs over time.

How will I recover?

Most patients undergoing recovery require assistance with daily tasks during recovery. Sitting for extended periods will increase swelling and discomfort; to maximize results it is also wise to avoid activities which exert pressure on buttocks or hips that exert too much force upon transferred fat cells and disrupt results.

Skinny BBL surgery offers an ideal solution for individuals with lower body fat percentages seeking to achieve a rounder and lifted rear without using synthetic implants. This procedure combines HD liposuction to harvest fat from various areas before purifying and injecting it back into buttocks for a natural enhancement effect.

Dr. sibel may utilize multiple techniques, including J-Plasma, to tighten and rejuvenate surrounding skin for thin patients looking to enhance their curves with more definition. These procedures can yield remarkable results for these individuals looking to enhance their curves.

To improve their healing process, patients should wear a compression garment or binder during recovery to increase blood flow and decrease swelling. Furthermore, smoking or vaping after surgery could lessen how many transferred fat cells survive their new location; daily walks should also be undertaken and sleeping on one’s stomach or side should also be encouraged.

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