In the ever-evolving world of beauty and aesthetics, trends often emerge from unexpected sources. The latest buzz making waves is the “Barbie Botox” trend, spurred by none other than the iconic Barbie herself. With nearly 7 million views on TikTok, this trend promises to elongate the neck and create the illusion of narrower shoulders with the help of 40 small units of Botox injected into the trapezius muscle, located in the neck and upper back.

While the allure of a more Barbie-like appearance is undeniable, it’s essential to delve deeper into the implications of this trend. At Cades Clinic, we believe in making informed choices that prioritize safety and individuality. Let’s explore the world of “Barbie Botox,” its potential risks, and the safer alternatives we offer.

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The Barbie Botox Trend

The “Barbie Botox” trend has gained traction on social media, with clinics documenting injections and showcasing patient successes adorned with pink captions and glitter emojis. Beauty influencer Isabelle Lux, self-proclaimed creator of Barbie Botox, praises its potential to create a more delicate physique when done “correctly.” However, it’s crucial to acknowledge the inherent risks of using Botox in this unconventional manner.

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The Hidden Dangers of Barbie Botox

Despite its popularity, “Barbie Botox” carries significant risks. Botox is a neurotoxin that disrupts nerve signals, leading to muscle paralysis or weakness. While it might seem harmless when used to reduce facial wrinkles, injecting it into the neck can have severe consequences. In the worst-case scenario, it could lead to difficulty in holding up the head.

Compounding the problem is the fact that Botox is not universally recognized as a medical procedure. In many countries, anyone from a hairdresser to an esthetician can administer injections without in-depth knowledge of neck anatomy. This lack of oversight increases the potential for adverse outcomes.

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Unrealistic Promises

The Barbie Botox hype is currently increasingly leading to unrealistic ideas. Apart from the already risky procedure of trapezius muscle Botox, trap tox or as most people know “Barbie Botox”, someone with a little more fat cannot achieve a slim silhouette with Botox alone. This injection aims to weaken the trapezius muscle, causing it to lose volume. This in turn causes the neck to appear slimmer and longer. So it doesn’t make the surrounding fat melt and disappear. To lose fat or weight, there are more effective and, above all, safer alternatives.

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Non-Surgical Alternative

A healthy diet and regular exercise. To burn fat naturally, there is a golden rule. Calorie deficit. This means consuming fewer calories than the body needs to start burning fat. To change your diet in a healthy way, we at Cades Clinic recommend visiting an experienced nutritionist for advice. The Cades Clinic nutrition team will be happy to assist you free of charge. Contact Cades Clinic here and ask for free weight loss information based on your individual situation.

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Weight-Loss Alternatives

Gastric Balloon
The gastric balloon is inserted into the stomach via the esophagus without surgery as part of a gastroscopy (gastroscopy) and filled with blue-colored water. Due to the foreign body in the stomach, a feeling of satiety occurs even after consuming a small amount of food.

Gastric Sleeve
During sleeve gastrectomy, the stomach is transformed into a tube like a continuation of the esophagus and its volume is reduced. In addition to reducing stomach volume, the secretion of ghrelin, known as the hunger hormone, is also significantly reduced.

Gastric Bypass
During gastric bypass surgery, a large portion of the stomach and a piece of the small intestine are removed. The remaining stomach and small intestine are reconnected. This means that the food passage is shortened and less food is digested.

Fat Removal Alternatives


First it is important to know, that Liposuction does not help you lose weight and is not a diet replacement. The amount of fatty tissue that can be removed during liposuction is limited. The specialists at Cades Clinic will therefore never promote liposuction as a means of losing extra pounds, but only as a way to improve body contour. Liposuction is therefore helpful if, despite sufficient exercise and a healthy diet, excess pounds have been lost, but the fat stubbornly remains in the problem areas. This is because intensive training or a long-term diet not only reduces the classic belly fat. The proportion of fat in the body cells also reduces throughout the body. It is often the case that there is more fat in known problem areas than in other parts of the body. Typical problem areas for women are the hips, stomach and thighs (“saddle pants”).

You can find out more about this topic here.


ables particularly fine modeling of musclesCades Clinic understands that the desire for defined musculature is one of the aesthetic constants that runs through many people’s personal history. Even comprehensive training and optimal nutrition do not fulfill the dream of defined/precisely visible/accentuated muscles for everyone. Although the muscles are there, there are often natural fat deposits over them that hide the contours.

With the Vaser®-Hi-Def technology there is an impressive, aesthetic procedure with which the desired, defined muscle perfection is possible in a gentle way. This method is the only treatment that gently shapes the muscle contours with high precision. The leading experts at Cades Clinic use particularly fine probes to remove excess fat from the muscle areas to be treated. In this way, the muscles hidden under the previously existing layer of fat are made visible. However, the surgeon leaves a fine layer of fat along the underlying muscles in order to further strengthen the almost sculptural muscle areas and highlight them in an attractive, sensational/convincing way.

This innovative technique doesn’t add anything that isn’t already there, but rather emphasizes the natural qualities. Because of the ability to create very fine accents and work with high precision, this method is also referred to as “Hi Def Body Contouring”. It is characterized by minimal downtime and rapid regeneration. This means that after the procedure you will soon be able to return to your usual everyday routine. There are also no visible scars during the treatment – a criterion that beauty-conscious patients attach particular importance to.

Regardless of whether it is the chest, buttocks, stomach, thighs or upper arms: the Vaser®-Hi-Def treatment gives the body more radiance and an unprecedented, positive body feeling in a modern way.

More information can be found here.


Safe and Individualized Alternatives

At Cades Clinic, we prioritize safety and cater to individual desires and goals. While the allure of achieving a Barbie-like appearance is understandable, we believe in a responsible approach to cosmetic enhancements. Our experienced team offers safe and proven alternatives to help you achieve your aesthetic aspirations without compromising your health.


The “Barbie Botox” trend may have its appeal, but it’s crucial to weigh the risks associated with this unconventional approach. At Cades Clinic, we advocate for safe, medically recognized procedures that cater to your unique needs and aspirations. Beauty should never come at the expense of well-being. Contact us today to explore safe and effective alternatives that align with your vision of beauty.

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