DHI hair transplant is an innovative solution in hair restoration that employs specialized tools to extract and implant hair follicles for an easier recovery process.

Before getting surgery done, it is essential to be fully informed of its costs. These costs depend on several variables such as surgeon experience and clinic location.


Hair transplants may not come cheap, but the investment could pay dividends if you want to look and feel your best again. For the best outcomes, choose a clinic with proven expertise and outstanding surgeons; this will help ensure that the surgery goes as planned and achieve the best possible results. It is also essential to have realistic expectations as most insurance providers do not cover cosmetic procedures.

DHI is a minimally invasive solution for restoring lost hair. With no scarring involved and recovery times similar to FUE procedures, results often emerge within several months.

DHI implants grafts using the Choi Implanter Pen tool, for greater precision than FUE. Furthermore, this procedure can transplant more grafts.

DHI is one of the most advanced methods for hair transplantation; however, it’s also one of the more expensive. Due to using cutting-edge tools and techniques, many patients fail to understand its costs; instead choosing cheaper clinics to save money; often with disastrous consequences in terms of poor results, extensive scaring, and unnatural placement of follicles.


Hair loss is a widespread condition, impacting millions. While the emotional toll and impact on one’s confidence may be severe, transplant surgery now allows even those suffering severe hair loss to address it with natural-looking results that won’t damage surrounding skin as effectively.

Cost of DHI hair transplant can differ depending on the surgeon’s experience and technique employed. To accurately estimate cost, compare prices from different clinics and doctors and also check reviews and ratings to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth.

DHI is an innovative new technique of hair restoration using Choi pens to extract and implant hair follicles, offering more advanced results and less damage. Ideal for patients looking to achieve denser coverage over larger areas.

Before beginning surgery, a surgeon will first shave and sedate their patients with local anesthesia, then use Choi pens to create channels through which hair follicles will be transplanted using transplant pens. Patients can expect some initial growth within one month; however, full results could take up to twelve months.


DHI hair transplants offer a safe and effective solution for anyone experiencing thinning hair. Body Expert’s surgeons are highly experienced with this technique, helping their clients realize their dreams for full head coverage. In addition, Body Expert offers aftercare products to keep your locks strong such as antibiotics and painkillers that may assist in recovery from this treatment.

Before the procedure can commence, the surgeon will shave and numb the donor area with local anaesthetic, then begin extracting individual follicles one by one using the Choi implanter pen. When completed, these will then be transplanted to their recipient areas where they will continue growing and flourishing over time. With greater control over angles, depth, and direction of these grafts than with traditional techniques, more natural-looking results are achieved using this approach.

Procedure itself typically lasts eight hours. During that time, it is essential that you remain still and avoid smoking or drinking alcohol as these increase your risk of bleeding. After surgery is completed, wait several months until the grafts mature and start growing back.

DHI offers another advantage over other techniques in terms of scarring: it does not create linear scars like FUE does and it allows patients with needle phobia to safely opt for this procedure without creating incisions.


Once surgery is over, it’s essential that you follow your physician’s post-surgery care recommendations to ensure the transplanted hair follicles survive and grow as intended. Doing this will not only give you desired results faster but will also shorten recovery time significantly. Smoking, alcohol and blood thinners should be avoided while regular head massage can increase circulation to your scalp and promote healing time.

DHI differs from other hair transplant methods in its use of precise implantation techniques for natural-looking results. Their Choi implanter pen allows doctors to control the angle, direction and depth of inserted follicles – ideal for people who fear needles! Furthermore, this method is less painful; making it suitable for needle phobia sufferers.

DHI is one of the many advantages to opting for DHI treatment over traditional hair transplantation; as it does not use an incision to reduce risk of infection and speed up recovery time and aesthetic results. Furthermore, this technique can reshape hairlines on individuals with narrow foreheads; though keep in mind it takes more time than traditional transplants do and needs the appropriate surgeon and clinic.

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