After losing a tooth, its bone starts to resorb (melt away). Dental implants prevent this process and maintain bone health; additionally, they avoid complications associated with other methods of tooth replacement.

Selecting a reliable implant manufacturer is of great importance. A reputable provider should have extensive experience within the industry and offer various dental implant solutions.


Dental implants offer a life-changing solution for patients missing one or more teeth. Unlike conventional dentures, Straumann implants are permanently fixed into the jawbone for enhanced security and comfort compared to traditional dentures; furthermore they also experience less peri-implantitis, or inflammation at their implant site.

Under local anesthesia, surgery for dental implants typically takes less than an hour and usually involves no pain whatsoever. A bone graft procedure may also be necessary in some instances but can usually be completed at the same time as implant placement.

The Straumann implant system is built upon extensive scientific research and stringent quality control measures, while offering products tailored specifically to your needs. Morse and CrossFit implants feature innovative designs to optimize surgical procedure speed while simultaneously shortening treatment time; additionally they heal quickly while seamlessly blending with oral tissue.


Hossein dental implants are the go-to choice for dentists looking to deliver excellent patient outcomes. Constructed of biocompatible titanium – an excellent material for bone growth and healing – Hossein implants also come equipped with a ceramic abutment designed specifically to respond quickly to cells while healing quicker.

Nobel Biocare is the top dental implant manufacturer in the US market and enjoys strong growth. They offer systems, CADCAM prosthetics, digital equipment and more from their headquarters in Kloten Switzerland.

Hossein (also spelled Husayn), is an Arabic diminutive of Hassan which translates as “good, handsome and beautiful.” It can sometimes be used as a boy’s name. People with this name tend to be considerate, often being the ones to step forward as mediators in disputes; making good friends quickly while excelling at teamwork partnerships; they also tend to provide comforting support to loved ones in times of trouble.

Zimmer Biomet

Zimmer Biomet is a medical device company specializing in musculoskeletal healthcare. The company designs, produces, and markets orthopedic reconstructive products as well as sports medicine, biologics, extremities and trauma products; an array of integrated digital and robotic technologies; office-based technologies; spine products (such as craniomaxillofacial products and dental implants); as well as dental implants produced by Zimmer Biomet. Zimmer Biomet also manufactures arthroplasty devices.

Implants offer a permanent solution to tooth loss. Unlike bridges or crowns which attach directly to adjacent teeth, implants fuse directly with bone in the jawbone for permanent attachment. A surgical procedure typically involving local anesthesia, using a precision drill to create a small hole, tapping or screwing in an implant then tapping or screwing it in.

Since 1927, Zimmer Biomet has grown from just three employees into an organization employing 18,200 and boasting annual revenue of $6.9B. Headquartered in Warsaw, Indiana – it serves as the global leader in musculoskeletal healthcare – its employees strive to improve patient quality of life as well as their own lives, with longstanding dedication to innovative healthcare practices that promote best-practice solutions.


Dental implants are one of the best replacement options available to replace missing teeth, providing a solution that looks, feels and functions just like natural ones while lasting up to a lifetime with proper maintenance. When selecting an implant type it is crucial that it fits your unique requirements as this will have an effect on how long the restoration lasts.

Hiossen offers two implant systems, the MS and HM. The MS implant system features single body implants designed for simple insertion and stability with cost-effective options for narrow ridge cases; while the HM system features acid-etched and sandblasted surfaces that increase cell responses quickly for faster bone healing compared to standard RBM treatments.

The company conducts regular surveys with clinicians regarding ways implant procedures can be made less technique sensitive and have examined various bone morphogenetic protein options; additionally they have patient educational tools available and host study clubs across 10 US locations.

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