Butt lifts utilize fat grafting to add volume and create more shapely curves in the buttock area. Ideal candidates should possess sufficient pockets of fat elsewhere on their bodies and great skin elasticity around their buttock area.

Like any surgery, surgery involves risks. Of those, fat embolism in the lung could prove fatal.

Butt augmentation

As part of a butt lift procedure, your doctor will reshape and enhance your gluteal area by removing or repositioning excess fat tissue, pulling taut skin tighter to achieve fuller, perkier curves. Based on your goals and desired outcome, two primary augmentation options: fat transfer or implants may be considered.

Fat transfer provides an organic appearance as it uses your own body fat as opposed to artificial implants. Your surgeon will collect body fat through customized liposuction techniques; typically taking small samples from lower back, arms, waist, flanks or abdomen in order to create enough volume in buttocks for transfer. Your doctor can then carefully contour grafted areas into beautiful curves for dramatic and stunning curves.

Dr. Sibel uses advanced techniques and her keen eye to produce beautiful, symmetrical curves on her patients’ buttocks using fat extraction and reinjection; it is a popular choice among women looking to add extra projection and size to their buttocks. Ideal candidates for this form of butt augmentation have enough body fat available for extraction/re-injection as well as living healthy lives that won’t contribute to future weight fluctuations that might thwart results.

As the regeneration process of your own fatty tissues can take time, the final results of butt augmentation with fat transfers may take several months before becoming visible. During this time, it is important to avoid exerting too much pressure or extreme movement on the area or moving too rapidly as this could compromise survival rates of injected cells and hinder successful outcomes. Following your doctor’s recovery instructions is key for optimal outcomes.

After time, fat can lose its shape or result due to scarring, cell death or other factors; in that instance, additional buttock augmentation sessions may be necessary in order to regain the perfect buttocks shape.

A butt lift with implants offers more immediate and dramatic enhancement than fat transfer alone. In this procedure, your doctor will place butt implants into either or all three cheeks of your buttocks depending on your measurements; larger implants can produce even greater dramatic effects.

As part of your recovery from butt implant surgery, you should expect some initial discomfort and bruising which should gradually diminish over time. Your doctor may prescribe either over-the-counter or prescription pain medications to ease any discomfort experienced; additionally, they will instruct you to wear compression garments while recovering.

To determine which butt augmentation option best suits your aesthetic goals and body, contact Burbank Plastic Surgery now and book a consultation appointment – we look forward to helping you feel beautiful and confident!

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