Back in April 2021, images of Zac Efron appearing at a Bill Nye Earth Day special went viral and ignited plastic surgery rumors. Since then, however, he has spoken out and disproved them.

Men’s Health published an interview in which the star revealed he had fallen while running through his house while wearing socks, hitting his chin on a granite fountain corner and striking it hard enough to cause his masseter muscles used for chewing to overcompensate and cause his jawline to look different.


Zac Efron‘s Earth Day video appearance with Bill Nye left fans perplexed as his face appeared drastically different – jawline lower and less chiseled than before; some speculated he may have undergone cosmetic surgery such as Botox fillers; others were quick to defend the actor by noting poor makeup application or camera angles might have contributed.

Efron addressed these rumors during an interview with Men’s Health. He revealed that his appearance is due to a combination of factors including a broken jaw and insufficient physical therapy sessions, as well as engaging in masseter exercises which strengthen facial and jaw muscles – something which helped him recover from his initial injury quickly, thus creating stronger jawline as a result of masseter exercises.

One plastic surgeon decided to offer his expert opinion, suggesting that Zac’s jaw may have grown larger as the result of oral surgery or intensive dental procedures, or it might simply have worn away over time due to some form of wearable dental protection such as mouth guards.

Some fans have even suggested that Zac Efron underwent a facelift, although he denies it. A plastic surgeon from California weighed in and stated that it is highly unlikely the High School Musical heartthrob underwent such procedures; one would only make his chin smaller!

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Zac Efron recently addressed speculations of plastic surgery to widen his jawline during an interview with Men’s Health, explaining it was actually due to an unfortunate accident years prior.

He was running around his house wearing socks when he slipped, striking his chin against the granite corner of a fountain and collapsing onto its granite corner, shattering his jaw and knocking him unconscious. When he came back around he found that his chin bone had come loose from his face and required reconstructive surgery with wires welded shut for permanent protection; additionally his masseter muscles began growing larger as compensation against damage sustained.

Efron’s new look was first noticed in April 2021 during an Earth Day musical with Bill Nye. Fans quickly noticed his jawline was noticeably more pronounced, leading some fans to speculate he may have undergone surgery for enhancement. When speaking to Men’s Health about it in August 2021, Efron addressed these rumors saying his mother told him about how his chin had changed.

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Zac Efron is an enormous star with millions of fans, so he needs to look his best in his films. His face is one of his biggest assets, so it needs to look its best; that is why in addition to skin care regimens he also uses fillers and botox on an ongoing basis.

Zac is also an avid fitness enthusiast and bodybuilder in his free time, working out hard in preparation for his role as a Navy SEAL in Mile High – getting down to just 5 percent body fat in preparation.

Facial Implants

Zac Efron caused shockwaves on social media when he appeared with Bill Nye for Earth Day last April and appeared to have had plastic surgery, appearing with plump lips and jawline that caused fans to speculate he may have undergone procedures.

However, in a recent interview, Zac clarified that he hadn’t had any work done. Instead, the actor explained that he suffered severe damage to his jaw after falling and hitting it against a granite corner of a fountain in his home, leading his masseter muscles (chewing muscles) to grow larger – giving his face an appearance of larger size.

As much as the injury to his masseter muscles wasn’t the sole source of speculation about cosmetic facial surgery procedures or implants, fans quickly assumed he must have had them done to film Baywatch. A combination of factors caused many fans to believe he had obtained either implants or other forms of cosmetic facial work done, leading them to speculate further.

Fans were relieved to learn of an expert opinion that disproved the rumors of Zac having plastic surgery on his face. Kyle Sandilands, an Australian radio host and close friend of Zac, dismissed any notion of plastic surgery during an appearance on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, saying he could detect whether any work had been performed if any had taken place: “It would be like getting an original Picasso and having someone finger paint all over it – why bother?”

Though most fans disproved of Zac’s allegations of cosmetic surgery, some remain curious as to if any additional procedures have taken place. One fan noticed a mysterious scar on Zac’s cheek that they believe could have resulted from an accident requiring medical assistance in the past.

One fan is concerned that an actor may have received Botox injections, which may cause lines and wrinkles around their mouth and nose. Botox has become an increasingly popular solution among actors who wish to maintain a youthful look while remaining safe and effective; it should be noted, however, that any procedure comes with risks; thus it should only be used if absolutely necessary.

Breast Augmentation

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Zac Efron recently caused headlines when he appeared with an altered facial structure in an Earth Day video for Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates series. The video depicted Efron with more squared jawlines and larger features. While some fans immediately accused the actor of plastic surgery, others came forward in his defense: one Twitter user reminded fans that Efron broke his jaw back in 2013 after slipping in a puddle and striking the side of his face; this caused tightening masseter muscles resulting in his new facial structure – possibly explaining why his facial structures looked different this time around.

Kyle Sandilands, host of Australia’s The Kyle and Jackie O Show, disproved rumors that Zac had undergone cosmetic surgery by telling his audience he knew for sure if such things happened and “of course he hadn’t.” Nevertheless, speculation will likely persist until Zac proves to his admirers that he remains unchanged.

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